Three key factors determine a company’s or an individual’s ability to take action – regardless of whether it is about leading an organization, realizing an ambitious task, or mastering a challenging situation in one’s personal life:

Self awareness

  • I am the force that shapes my life. I am not a victim of circumstance or organizational conditioning (“That’s how I am.” “That’s the way things are done around here.”)
  • I know my personal predilections and behavior patterns but I am not their captive.
  • I can choose my response to any situation or person (responsibility means “ability to respond”).

Sense of purpose

  • It is up to me to decide what I am going to do with my time and talent. If I don’t decide, someone else will.
  • My sense of purpose will guide me through any difficult decision or situation. It is my compass in unknown territory.


  • Clarity around priorities allows me to focus on what is important, not simply on what is urgent.
  • Initiative, responsibility and perseverance help me realize what I believe is meaningful and important.