Systemic attitude

  • Companies can only transform when people’s attitudes and behavior change.
  • There is no objectivity. People’s actions depend on context, system, and perspective. Therefore, any transformation requires a broadening or modification of perspective.
  • Situations are just as they are. The first step towards change is understanding the complexity of the situation - without passing judgment.

  • Contradictions are part of real life. They reflect diversity and difference. Resistance is concentrated energy that can be actively used in the process.

  • Real life processes, interactions, patterns of thinking and behavior are the essence of an organization and therefore the starting point for any transformation.

  • The existing potential and resources  - not the deficits – are the driving force for development.

  • Development processes need time. Change cannot be accelerated just by good will or good talk.

  • The consultant facilitates and inspires throughout the change process.