Consulting and facilitating of change processes focus on assuring the capability to act in accordance with the strategic goals. Using people’s energy and impact for the sake of corporate development is one essential key.

1. Organizational quick scan and matching with strategic goals: In terms of its workforce to what extent is today‘s organization in line with the status intended by the change process (reorganization, merger, etc)? How about the will to change within the organization?

2. Harmonizing of processes, procedures, and corporate culture: How does the target status affect today‘s processes, procedures and underlying patterns of thinking and behavior in the organization? Who has to adapt in what way? How can this be realized in very concrete terms?

3. Build up change competency: Which instruments and processes are required to foster flexibility and ability to change across the organization? What kind of support and skill set is needed by internal change agents and key groups?

4. Sparring partner for responsible management: Which experiences from similar projects can be utilized? What implications do upcoming decisions have? Who is going to be affected and has to be involved? How are my statements perceived by managers and employees? Where should we expect resistance and how can we be prepared for it? How do I cope with my personal doubts and insecurities? How present am I as a responsible leader?