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Leading in a New Era
Transforming Organisations and Culture


What We Offer

Organisations and their leaders are facing a time of unprecedented change and challenge. A new era has begun that requires renewal on many levels.


We are a community of change professionals dedicated to enabling new levels of thriving by catalysing transformation on organisational and personal levels.

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Our Approach

We help leaders  unleash transformational energy in the organisation and equip them to be at their best amidst disruption and complexity. Our work integrates systemic wisdom, hands-on business practices, robust organisational research and the use of  transformational spaces in the here-and-now. 

Our Team

We are a consulting community committed to leveraging the highest potential of an organisation, its people and surrounding ecosystem. We seek to expand horizons by enabling our clients to work with the highly systemic and deeply personal leverage points of organisational transformation. 

Our Clients

We partner with our clients to co-initiate and co-catalyse transformational journeys. Industries include energy, transport, industrial solutions, automotive, high-tech, mobile communication, financial and professional services.




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We are active in English and German speaking companies across & beyond Europe. 

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