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How  We Work

We don’t merely help our clients tackle the current challenge but build the internal capabilities in the organisational system to drive ongoing evolution and transformation. We partner with our clients - solutions are co-created in collaboration with the organisation’s leaders and teams. 

Systemic Approach 

Our work focuses on helping our clients build healthy living systems, which enjoy an unhindered flow of value and a vitality in their people and culture that facilitates ongoing innovation, growth and change. Working alongside leaders, teams and change agents, we provide them with the skillsets and capacities needed to build and lead their unique version of a vital organisation.


We model working ‘on the system’ while being ‘in the system’ – using regular management meetings as well as key events and leadership programmes as a powerful opportunity to pick up and transform the live cultural patterns in the here-and-now. This ensures the essential shift from talking about change to experiencing it, doing it and learning to embody it. 


Working with top teams, we help unearth aspects that mirror the dynamics in the wider system, so that leaders sharpen their skill of tuning into their organisation and identify acupuncture points for transformation.

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Shifting Paradigms

We take an integrated, business-led approach that helps leaders and teams work through the current challenges with a new How that is aligned with the desired outcomes. Often, that new How challenges deeply engrained beliefs around leadership, people, motivation, performance, and change. We support leaders and management teams in making the necessary paradigm shifts to enable the organisation to expand its capacity for innovation, engagement, and agility. 


By developing mastery in recognizing and disrupting dysfunctional patterns, consciously piloting new ways of operating, and role modelling new behaviours, leaders create the necessary movement in the wider system for genuine organisational transformation, not just temporary and local change. Together, they discover the impact of making new choices and creating new spaces for innovative thinking and acting.

Engaging Wider Ways of Knowing

We ignite the holistic intelligence of leaders and teams by helping them access and integrate embodied and intuitive ways of knowing. The more complex and volatile the business environment, the more relevant the cognitive capacity to tune into and utilize the intangible sources of knowing. We assist our clients in attuning to their deeply embodied knowing which enables them to pick up information that would not be accessible by analytic facts and figures.


We help leaders make use of this wider knowing in their decision-making and acting amidst the demands of organisational life, so that they are increasingly able to smartly integrate data from analysis, experience and intuition. As we model bringing intuitive and embodied knowing into the process, our clients experience its relevance and develop the capabilities to work with data from this realm. Unleashing the intuitive intelligence of leaders and teams enables them to seize emergent possibilities and often yields unforeseen innovative power.


We work with robust methodologies, underpinned by decades of experience, deepened in executive doctoral research, and field-tested in highly disruptive environments. 

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