Who We Are

We are a consulting community committed to leveraging the highest potential of an organisation, its people and surrounding ecosystem. We partner with our clients in creating and walking new paths at the confluence of extended value creation, organisational culture and personal transformation.

What We Bring

We bring over 20 years of experience in facilitating and leading organisational transformation and equipping leaders to be at their best amidst change and challenge. Our work integrates systemic wisdom, pragmatic business practices and the latest organisational science – all inspired by deep personal experience. 

What We Care About

We care about the highly systemic and deeply personal aspects of  leading change and transformation. We are passionate about helping leaders get to the bottom of their highest source of meaning and fulfilment – and to use it as a compass in navigating complexity and challenge.

What We Believe

We believe in going beyond the limits of habitual beliefs and mindset to image and build the impossible. We believe that our complex and changing world does not only hold challenge but also the potential for awe and joy. 

What We Are Dedicated To

We are dedicated to making a difference with deep systemic insight, a genuine interest for the person, and a curiosity for the highest potential of organisations and their players. 

We expand horizons by using presence, intuition and purposeful intention.

Meet The Team

Founder & Managing Director

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Associate Consultant

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Associate Consultant

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Associate Consultant

Image by Gatis Vilaks