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Leading in a New Era

We hep leaders thrive in a new era by making the necessary paradigm shifts to grow, evolve and innovate in unknown territory.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Leading in Complexity

To deal effectively with today’s fast-changing, highly complex and often ambiguous business environments, traditional leadership styles turn out to be unfit for purpose. Leadership patterns that are rooted in a 'predict-and-control' paradigm are unable to master a reality that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), nor can they unleash radical innovation and help the organisation stay relevant in a changing world. We help organisations build a leadership culture that has thinking and acting grounded in a living systems perspective and build the necessary leadership capabilities. We support leaders in creating the conditions for their organisation to evolve in attunement to its environment and in enabling themselves and their teams to work and grow in complexity and uncertainty. 

Leading in Complexiy

Our Approach

Our approach is hands-on: We partner with you in tackling your business challenges whilst enabling you to work with a new How that replaces a ‘predict-and-control’ mode with the capacity to lead an adaptive living system: 


Leading with Purpose

Organisation who are able to pinpoint the distinctive nature of what they can uniquely offer to the world have a substantial asset to build on. They are better equipped to innovate and transform in a volatile and complex environment and to navigate in unchartered territory. Consequently, purpose-led companies tend to outperform conventional ones the more complex and challenging the business environment turn out to be. Could your company benefit from being more purpose-led? Might there be more scope for genuine inspiration for leaders, teams and the wider system? Might the clarity on your company’s unique contribution be more than a marketing slogan but actually serve you in navigating challenging business environments?

Using fresh, collaborative processes, we support you in finding the difference your organisation can make and envisioning what is uniquely possible for your company. We assist your leaders in renewing their thinking about their personal contribution and how that translates into their way of leading, so that they can unleash the whole of their personal potential.

Leading with purpose

Our Approach

We enable you to pinpoint your organisation's unique contribution, embed your purpose across the organisation and turn it into the bedrock of a vital, flourishing business:


Leading in a Stakeholder Era

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, creating sustainable value requires organisations to unite and serve all their stakeholders — not just their investors. By cooperating with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders it becomes possible to co-create truly innovative products and services which allow all parts of the wider system to thrive. We support leadership teams to turn this into a living reality by envisioning the potential of the whole stakeholder system, identifying what is required to leverage that potential and by mastering the required paradigm shifts in the organisational culture.

By creating movement across the wider stakeholder system, it becomes possible to drive change on a scale individual organisations can't achieve alone.

Leading in a Stakeholder Era

Our Approach

Working alongside your leadership teams, we build the necessary skills for leading in the wider stakeholder system:

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