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Transforming Organisations
& Culture

We support you in transforming your organisation into a vibrant system that is able to create the most profound value in ever changing realities. 


Catalysing Organisational Transformation

Disruptive technologies and volatile business conditions create new and ever-changing market realities which can drive exponential growth - or threaten the very existence of long-established companies. Stakeholders and the wider public  increasingly demand socially and environmentally responsible products and business practices that go beyond PR-focused box-ticking. If sustainability turns from ‘add-on’ into a key foundation, and if innovation needs to go beyond the boundaries of established  assumptions, the redefinition of growth becomes an integral part of future-proof strategies and business models. We partner with businesses to not just adapt to external demands but to transform into vibrant organisations that deepen the value they create by harnessing untapped potential. 

Catlysing OT

Our Approach

We work alongside your leaders and teams and support them in applying the most effective levers to catalyse genuine movement and enable the organisation to evolve to a higher order of functioning.   


Facilitating Culture Change

Fundamentally transforming business models and strategies requires an integrated cultural transformation for it to be embodied by all players in the organisation and become a vibrant reality for internal and external stakeholders. A key reason why around 70% of transformational efforts fail lies in collective blind spots as to the ‘how’ of day-to-day business interactions, including how we go about change: Deeply engrained assumptions, behavioural patterns and routines, when unnoticed and unquestioned, prevent declared intentions and aspirations from becoming reality. Our methodologies help you create the necessary inward movement to evolve your organisational culture along with your business aspirations and accelerate performance. 

Facilitating CC

Our Approach

We take an integrated, business-led approach that helps leaders and teams work through the live issues with a new ‘how’ that is aligned with the desired outcomes. 


Creating a Regenerative Business

The increasingly visible interconnectedness between global business, society and planet reveals that organisations – and their leaders - can only be as successful as the ecosystems of which they are a part: their customers, suppliers, employees, communities and nature. Merely complying with external requirements like ‘ticking the boxes’ of ESG, does not address the underlying nature of the challenges and leaves us in a zero-sum paradigm. Foresighted organisations rethink their wider impact and the depth of value they can create for the whole of their stakeholders. Business can be a major part of the solution to global challenges – and it can come to new levels of thriving - by shifting its approach to value creation. We enable your organisation’s growth to serve the growth of human, social and natural capital in your ecosystem. This will set new standards for the purpose and contribution of your industry and make you a first mover in a wider movement. 

Creating Regenerative B

Our Approach

We support you in transforming the paradigm through which business is conventionally approached and help you adopt a regenerative operating mode to activate the highest and most sustainable level of value creation for your business ecosystem.

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